Golden Log Industrial and Logistic Closed Condominium in Sao Paulo Brazil

Golden Log - Industrial and Logistic Closed Condominium – Sumaré – Campinas

golden log anhanguera

Golden Log Anhanguera is located in an area of 430.000m², totally walled and monitored by security cameras, with single access entrance. It is the first Industrial Condominium of the region where security and technology are fully allied.

Golden Log Industrial Condominium

As response of studies made with productive sectors of industries and carriers, Golden Log Anhanguera emerge as an Industrial Condominium that includes production and transport systems united in one efficient venture with safety and quality, increasing regional production.

Golden Log Industrial & Logistic Condominium of Brazil materializes to attend the needs expressed in the studies mentioned above with one trial project in Sumaré, greater Campinas.

Golden Log Anhanguera is essential to support the demands from an advanced economic region; is secure and sophisticated; modern and functional.

Golden Log Industrial Condominium

The privileged location, with simple access to the best highways of the country, that includes Anhanguera (500 meters), Bandeirantes (4 km), Santos Dumont, D. Pedro I (3 km), Luiz Antonio de Queiroz and Açúcar Highway, gives to this venture the agility needed, including the proximity to Viracopos airport (20 km) and the pluvial escape trough Piracicaba River.

Viracopos Airport

Viracopos is the second biggest international airport of Brazil, reaction to Campinas intense growth, has the biggest cargo terminal of the country and in addition operates daily flights to more than 32 locations in Brazil.

Viracopos has the biggest cargo terminal of South America. The logistic cargo terminal of Importation and Exportation has and area of more than 81.000 m², with capacity to process over 720.000 tons of air cargo per year. Actually, for every 3 tons of exported and imported goods, 1 ton passes trough Viracopos.

Campinas technological park

The region is nationally recognized as center of production and diffuser of high standard technologic knowledge, as Brazilian “Silicon Valley”. This makes Campinas city and region as an alternative for investments in Brazil, being it a technological and economic belt of greater Sao Paulo.

Campinas – Sao Paulo – Brazil

Region with more than 2,5 million of people, constituting one of the biggest consumer markets of Brazil, representing 9% of national GPD (gross domestic production), which is equivalent to the entire GDP of Chile.

Campinas is the third industrial center of Brazil.

More than 4.500 industrial companies are located in this area, including 50 of the 500 biggest companies of the world. Of which IBM, Motorola, Mercedes Bezn, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, General Eletric, Danone, Bosch, Lucent, Nortel, Earton, Goodyear, Toyota, Honda, Rhône-Poulenc, Magneti Marelli, among others.

Golden Log Industrial Condominium

Golden Log Industrial Condominium

Together with the location differential, other attributes make Golden Log Industrial Condominium the best industrial venture in the region.

This business enterprise comes to supply the lack of Industrial Condominium in the region and is the only one concerned with establishing a connection between industries and carries.

Fully operating, Golden Log Anhanguera is expected to create 4.500 direct jobs and other 10.000 indirect, with a 360.000 tons flow per month.

Golden Log Industrial Condominium

Golden Log will have an Electronic Shopping portal for the condominiums to focus on group purchase, which will be more economical than separated acquisitions, generating an important saving for our clients.

Golden Log will make intelligent use of water, ecological sewer treatment and will have a reforestation area.

Also, there will be available a leisure area for employees and truck drivers, including in the project an exercise track trough the reforested area, locker, multi sports court, refectory and a intern courtyard for trucks and cart parking.

The external area will count with a support area of services (tire repair, electrical and convenience store) and five commercial points for bakeries, restaurants, bank as well for other companies installed in Golden Log Anhanguera.

General data from Golden Log:

Total Area = 430.000 m²
Average Area per lot = 4.000 m²
Number of lots = 66
Gas Station Area = 1
City = Sumaré – SP
Region = Campinas – SP
Address = Vicentina de Jesus street, 10 – Bandeirantes Industrial Park

Golden Log Anhanguera is the first of nine Industrial Condominiums’ that will be launch in the most important regions of Brazil.

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